I like shooting arrows in the dark. I didn’t want to use Wordpress and Wix because they have way too many bells and whistles for my liking. I have been a software engineer for over 6 years. Through this time, the thing that has always bothered me is that i don’t have anything online. Not even a plain static website.

I am not an active poster on traditional Social Media because it’s hard to decipher signal from noise there, and i like to believe i have sensitive ears. I would love to hear about Pete and Kim as much as the war in Ukraine.

Internet has everything, but not clear information to how to start your own blogging website from scratch in 2022. One day in July 2022, I shoot an email to an author i love Derek Sivers about how he did it. To my surprise, he replied really nicely to all the technical details i asked. He questioned some of my choices - teaching me indirectly how to think. This is the first time when a celebrity had a real conversation with me. I had to follow through.

I bought a little server for myself following his recommendation from vultr (OpenBSD) for 6$ a month, and here we are.

I wanted a place which is similar to my real home. My very Indian parents are constantly after me to buy a real house. “I am at that stage of life” they say and i didn’t want to constantly disappoint them. So, here i am with a piece of virtual real estate. They also want to put my biodata (profile) on a matrimony website. What a better way to cast the widest net possible than creating your profile with a global domain name.

It will have the rules i set for my house. I would like to invite people over, have a good time, create a place for myself to experiment, play with ideas, share them, see we feel about it.

Journey so far

Apr 2023 : Reset it again because lost private key

Oct 2022 : Moved to Hugo (a little more than what i need, reasons i will get into in a separate blog)

Sep 2022 : First view - plain HTML / CSS

Aug 2022 : Email sent, bought a server from vultr for 6$ per month.